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This page is for reporting bugs in implementations of the Oracle Java Standard Edition and related products, as distributed on the Java Development Kit Builds page and the Java SE Downloads page. This site is not for development support, but for developers to contribute to and be involved with OpenJDK engineers in fixing and improving Java products.

Do not submit a bug report if you need technical support or have questions about how to use a product. Instead, please review the community and paid support options.

Refer to the Bug Submission FAQ's to answer questions you have related to the Bug Database and the Bug Submission Process.


Following these steps may resolve the problem.

  1. Use the latest version.

    Test your issue against the latest Java Early Access Release available for download on the Java Development Kit Builds page. A free download of the latest Java SE version is at: Java SE Downloads.

  2. Check if the bug is a duplicate.

    There might be a duplicate problem already in our Bug Database. Finding a duplicate saves your time and ours, especially if there is a known workaround or fix.

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Before submitting report consider taking a look at our Bug Reports article. Detailed information helps us better understand and resolve the issue.

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